La Soierie de Saint Jean

Hark ! you ladies in love with fabrics, silk, fashion accessories, let us introduce you to the temple of silk in Lyon. Just the boutique itself is worth it, but don't worry : New Generation Guide recommends only when there's no lack of quality ; and we can assert that everything is at la Soierie de Saint Jean !

Made in France is possible, and also Made in Lyon ! And in Lyon we do not trifle with silk... Come and touch the silk squares (carrés), choose a sparkling velvet stole, or even frame a scarf. But above all enjoy your hosts' endless knowledge.

Eliza, Ludivine and Léo, all three embodiment of French class, are as sweet as their fabrics. They don't hesitate to spend time with you and they express exactly what we love to support : share, instruction, exchange. You've understood : la Soierie de Saint Jean is our main partner for our  Silk tour of Lyon or Croix-Rousse .

And what's wonderful is that with Léo, everything ends up with a glass of Champagne in your hands, and a slice of brioche aux pralines during our food tours in Lyon.

Hey men : it's not just for ladies ! At la Soierie de Saint Jean there is also a space for silkworm farming, hand painting on silk, and even models of Jacquard loom.

Inevitable stop during our tours in Vieux-Lyon  district

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